Coffee: the lifeblood of New Yorkers, bankers, students, artists, lawyers, doctors, truck drivers, teachers, homeless men, dogs, cats, plants, and, most importantly, you.

We here at Knickerbocker Coffee Co. know the struggle of early mornings, late afternoons, and midnight diner runs. Okay, that last one isn’t a struggle, but we know all about them. More importantly, we know the struggle of drinking disgraceful coffee at times like these. You know, coffee that was made in a factory somewhere in Jersey, has been sitting on a warehouse shelf for 6 months, and tastes about the same as a warm cup of dirty dishwater. 

After being served more than enough abominable coffee for one lifetime, avid coffee drinkers Gavin and Patrick decided that it was time to take action and do their part to stop the world from being served coffee that tastes like week-old burnt toast.

You will always be smiling with a cup o Knick in your hand!
You will always be smiling with a cup of Knick in your hand!

Knickerbocker prides itself on its Single Estate Origin coffees. Simply, this means that all the coffee in each of our bags comes from the same farm, whether it’s located in Colombia, Indonesia, or Guatemala. This gives our coffees a much fresher and much more natural taste than bags of coffee filled with beans from various corporate-owned, sweatshop farms. In addition to this, all of our coffee is Fair Trade Certified, which provides farmers with a minimum price and links them directly to importers. We here at Knickerbocker feel that it is our duty to help out the farmers that are making the world a better place by producing their fine coffee. And for those of you late-night coffee drinkers, have no fear! All of our decaf coffees are decaffeinated by the Swiss Water Process, ensuring your cup of coffee will taste just as delicious as a regular cup, but won’t keep you up all night.

She is judging you for not drinking Knickerbocker…

For those of you who are health-conscious, have no fear! We also offer select organic coffees! For those of you who are environmentally-conscious, we are doing our part to protect the environment so the snot-nosed, bratty kids of the future will also have a beautiful world to someday inhabit. What we mean is we also offer select Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees! 

Not only are we going to provide you the freshest coffee money can buy (seriously, we only start roasting your coffee after you click the “Confirm Order” button), but we’re going to do it in a way that helps the farmers and preserves the environment, protecting all the daisies and green pastures. Who could ask for anything more?

We thank you for checking out our site and, if you haven’t already, try out one of our freshly roasted coffees today! Just be careful, one sniff of the sweet aromas that come from our coffee beans will have you hooked for life on Knickerbocker.

Meet the Knicks...

gavin wax

Bean Inspector General

Gavin is a proud New Yorker and gets aggressive toward anyone who makes the slightest implication that he may be a schmuck. He claims that Central Park contains all the nature he needs and that the ceiling at Grand Central makes up for the fact that he has never seen an actual starry sky. He despises anyone who drinks frappucinos or thinks that they’re actually Italian. Gavin can’t get enough of his Cameroonian Regular coffee and can often be found sneaking it into parties in a small, metal flask disguising the coffee as whiskey.

Director of Caffeinated Affairs

Patrick once dropped a bagel, cream cheese-side down, directly onto his sweater while on a bus in New Jersey. It was the universe’s way of telling him to stay out of that wasteland. He once had a parade thrown in his honor after he jumped over the counter and destroyed the coffee machine with a polo mallet at his local Starbucks, which the city considered a gracious deed to humanity. While drinking a cup of delightful Dominican Regular (something he does about 23 times a day), he enjoys singing along to Cole Porter songs and eating pastrami in the park.