Love our coffee? Sorry, dumb question. Of course you do. Who wouldn’t? The real question is, are you ready to drastically improve your life in a matter of seconds? If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

Our Knickerbocker Club is not affiliated with the gentleman’s club on East 62nd Street or the former Knickerbocker Baseball Club that founded America’s favorite pastime, despite being equally classy and providing you with substantially more benefits. Our Knickerbocker Club is an elite group open to any and all coffee lovers looking to save money while they easily indulge in our premium, delicious coffees. It is a subscription service that provides members with an automated shipment of coffee on a monthly basis. You can pick your favorite coffee or have it set to “shuffle” where we select a new, delicious coffee for you to try each month. You can also make this shuffle more specific by ordering “Peaberry Shuffle” (kinda sounds like a dance, doesn’t it?), which provides you with a new peaberry coffee each month, or “Organic Shuffle” (sounds like a much healthier dance), which does the same but with only our organic coffee selections. In addition, Knickerbocker Club members enjoy free shipping on all their subscription orders! As a Knickerbocker Club member, you’ll never have to worry about running out of fresh coffee in your home or office ever again!

12 Ounces makes about a month’s worth of coffee for a person (or animal, we don’t segregate against the four-legged) who drinks about a cup per day. If you’re buying a subscription for more than one person such as a household, an apocalyptic cult, or an organization, we’d suggest ordering a 12 oz bag for every person.

Check out our membership packages below!

Membership Packages

Membership Packages

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