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The Haitian regular I ordered, arrived at my door within 4 days. Packaging was beautiful. The beans were very fresh and smelled amazing! I normally take my coffee with milk and sugar but this was so flavorful I took it black.

Daniel V. / Alabama

Loved the Sulawesian coffee. I was very happy to see that I could order whole bean. Keep up the good work Knickerbocker

Marc W. / New York

The Guatemalan Regular I ordered is absolutely delicious and smooth. Can’t wait to try the rest of your coffee!

Burnie T. / Florida

Tried the Cameroonian regular, would highly recommend! order arrived in 3 days, love the site. I am now telling all my friends to become Knicks!!

Michael B. / New York

Finally, a decaf that’s bold and tastes as good as regular. Best of all, it’s naturally decaffeinated!

Rosemarie and Julian H. / New Jersey
The Bolivian Regular has a rich, full, smooth flavor that is in sharp contrast to so many other brands which either taste like coffee flavored water or attack the palate with their bitterness. I really enjoyed it! As a consumer with a conscience, the Fair Trade designation means a great deal to me.
James P. / New York

I had the Guatemalan Regular and I have to say I was impressed. Not only was it very smooth but it was also enriched with flavor. A+ job guys!

Dan L. / New Jersey

The Salavadoran regular arrived.  Firstly, the fragrance was exceptional, the taste was fantastic.  In fact, my husband who only drinks decaf, had a sip and liked it.  In addition, my friend also had a cup and declared it to be exceptional

Terry F. / Florida

I was in love with the coffee after i first smelled it through the packaging. Really fresh and delicious. Just found my new favorite coffee!!

Jeff P. / Indiana

What an intense cup! Loved it! Had the Colombian Peaberry and it was very strong, just the way I like it. Can’t wait to try out everything else.

Joel K. / Iowa

Got my sample of “Colombian Regular” today. Brewed a cup, smelled and tasted great! Thanks.

Peter L. / New York

Having a penchant for Caribbean coffee, I opted for the sample of Knickerbocker’s Haitian regular coffee.   I found it to be rich, opulent and sweetly low-toned.  It has a vibrant but unobtrusive flavor, more aroma and more intricate than any other Haitian coffee I have drank in a long time.

Orian W. / New York

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